History of St. Valentine

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Today, all over the world, St Valentine’s day is being celebrated. Most people say that this day is not well celebrated because some of us do not know who Valentine is and what he did. So, we will be giving a brief history of how this day came to be and why it is so important.

St. Valentine

St. Valentine was a Roman Catholic priest and was said to have been born AD 226. Hw ministers to Christians who were persecuted in the Roman Empire during his time.

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There are different versions to the story about this great saint. Some even say that they were two saints who bore the same name – Valentine. Whatever the story is, the saint was beheaded for preaching Christianity and marrying young couples.

One common story is that St. Valentine was presented with Judge Asterius daughter who said that if the saint could restore her sight, he would do anything Valentine wanted. The priest restored the child’s vision by placing his hands on her eyes. The judge threw away all his idols and together with his entire household, became a baptized and converted Christian. He also freed all the christian inmates he held behind bars.

Another is that St. Valentine was arrested for converting people to Christianity and was sent to Rome under Emperor Claudius Gothicus II. He was imprisoned for marrying Christian couples and saving them from persecution in Rome. Both were considered serious crimes as of that time. Claudius asked the priest to renounce his faith or be sentenced to death. The priest chose death.

He was executed outside the Flaminiam gate of the 14th of February, 269.

Other versions to this story is that the saint secretly married couples so that husbands won’t have to go to war. He was imprisoned an while in prison, he healed the jailer’s daughter who always visited him.

On the day of his execution, he left a note for her which read : “Your Valentine“.

This should, perhaps, be the most popular story of the saint.

The saint really exists because his remains where found in a Roman catacomb unearthed by archeologists. There is also a church in Rome named after him.

In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in honour of St. Valentine’s martyrdom.

He is the patron saint of affianced couples, engaged couples, beekeepers, happy marriages, love, travellers, and young people, and is represented with birds and roses on his feast day.

Importance of the Feast of St. Valentine

From this, we can deduce that valentine’s day is all about love and kindness. How we show this love to others is left for us to decide. Most people prefer to go to orphanages and donate things, some feed the hungry on the street, some make charitable donations, while most people celebrate the day with the ones they love the most.

Which ever way you feel like expressing your love, know that love is all encompassing, kind, never proud, and never boastful. It should not just be to your loved ones but also extend it to those who are not related to you.

Also remember that love is God and God is love.

As you celebrate this day, we at Media Rants wish you everlasting love that will never waver and will never die.

Happy St. Valentine’s day!!!

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