How to Audition For Big Brother Naija Season 7

A crash course on all you need to do to get into the Big Brother Naija house.

BB Naija

If you have dreams of becoming a reality TV star here in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija, the biggest one of them all, has officially opened its doors to receive applications for its upcoming seventh season. Read on to know how to apply. Auditions are free and close on May 30th.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Visit, and fill-up the form there.
  • You’ll need a valid means of ID and a photo, so it’s best to get those ready beforehand.
  • Upload a 3-minute video.
BBNAija 2

Guide to making your video

  • Talk about who you are: tell biggie about what makes you special
  • Include your favourite things: your likes and dislikes
  • Talk about your family and close friends
  • Talk about the neighbourhood you grew up in and how it’s influenced the person you’ve grown up to be.

Audition is free

Don’t believe anyone who tells you you have to pay to audition. It is absolutely free. Simply visit the website HERE.

The audition closes on May 30.

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