How to Become a Professional Cuddler

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How dope is your cuddling game? I bet you didn’t know people pay to get cuddled. Yes! If you’re a dude, chances are you’ve been looking for people to dash cuddles. And if you’re a chick, you’ve probably cuddled more teddies and pillows than you have boys.

Scrapping the internet, I found out that Professional Cuddling is a thing. Like a job, job- a noble job. And that people pay an average of $80 per hour to get the services of these professional cuddlers. In fact, cuddling is considered a form of therapy just like massage, etc.

Some Cuddling positions

More recently, A married woman, Saskia Larsen, from New York, revealed to Intsagram page, Love Don’t Judge that she spends $80 an hour to visit a professional cuddler.

She continued that her husband doesn’t mind that she meets up with another man just to spoon, and is ’99 per cent sure’ he doesn’t get jealous.

Whoa! The actress uses a service called Cuddlist and hires people while she is away from home to pursue her acting career.

“Many people would think that it’s odd that I access cuddling services because I’m married. But screw it; I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I love affection and I love how it makes my body feel.”

Speaking about her husband she added: ‘I’m 99 per cent sure he does not get jealous of cuddling because I check in with him, and talk to him about it.

Her husband Arthur added: ‘Saskia and I have a monogamous relationship but I don’t feel like cuddling violates the integrity of that.

‘Saskia likes a lot of contacts and she’s very comfortable around other people and she’s very affectionate.

‘When we’re together we cuddle all the time so I can understand why she would need that human contact.’

The cuddler himself says the business has ‘never done better and he gets 200 requests a week for his services.

He said: ‘I have all kinds of clients that are all kinds of ages.

‘Men, women, older clients, younger clients that are there for a personal touch and human interaction and that’s what I value about it.’

Professional Cuddling 1
Cuddling is considered a form of stress relief therapy

So would you rather be the receiver or giver of cuddles? If you’d love to be the former, you’re in luck and here are some things you need to do/know to get your business up and running.

  • Study the Cuddle-Sutra, otherwise known as the Cuddle Bible, and master the art of cuddling as well as the different cuddling positions.
  • Master the art of affection and empathy.
  • Watch videos and read about Cuddle conventions.
  • Understand that the relationship with your client must remain platonic.
  • Get a cosy room and bed to service your clients.
  • You do not necessarily need incredible arms to be a good cuddler but, if you have it’s great.
  • Set up your booking and reservations’ channels.
  • You do not need any licenses, at least for now, until the industry is regulated.

What are you waiting for? Start raking in those spooning monies.

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