How to deal with a stubborn girlfriend or wife

If you’re certain your partner is stubborn, here are a few lessons I’ve learned about stubborn women over the years that can help your relationship blossom.

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Dealing with a stubborn person can be exhausting, especially a partner. However, stubborn people are usually disciplined and loyal. As a result, all that hard-headedness can prove advantageous for both of you if only you come to terms with the fact that you cannot change her, unless you change yourself.

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Several times, men may even think it’s just her, whereas she’s giving off the same energy she’s getting from them. But if you’re certain your partner is stubborn, here are a few lessons I’ve learned about stubborn women over the years that can help your relationship blossom.

  1. Speak to her in a subtle and calm way. She will never come to terms with whatever you say if you are trying to out-yell her, no matter the point you’re making.
  2. Present your points in snippets and segments and try to use gestures that radiate kindness and care as you speak.
  3. Do not engage her if you’re already pissed-off. If you do, you risk letting your emotions get the better of you and that does not end well most times.
  4. Depending on how much love you both share, touch and affection can help calm her nerves and make her see things from your point of view.
  5. Do not accuse her of not listening when you haven’t made efforts to thoroughly explain what you have in mind. Once you start casting unnecessary blames, she’s likely to get more defensive. You don’t want all that violence.
  6. If you want her to learn something, behaviour-wise, that may be beneficial to the both of you, you must always set the tone and be patient with her. Positive feedback is always better in these situations. Rather encourage and praise her for trying than criticise her for not.
  7. Know the right time to confront her. She would most likely not want to have a long conversation after a long or traumatic day at work. Love and care must be the approach towards your confrontations.
  8. Understand she’s making an effort to come to terms with the things you like. Do not be adamant she must get it the way you desire.
  9. Show her that you value and trust her opinions and decisions. Stubborn people are often shrewd and no-nonsense businesspeople.
  10. Finally, when you let her have her way and she fails, never take to scolding, mockery or ridicule to emphasize that you won. Rather, explain your point(s) over and remind her why you thought it was the best option. If you resort to ridicule, you risk turning your relationship into a toxic competition, as she would always want to get one over you.

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