How to Store Onions, So They Last Longer Than Your Last Relationship

Always remember, cool, dry, and dark.

Do Onions Go Bad

In my sophomore year in college, I took a course on caring for the elderly. At the end of the semester, I’d learned a great deal about aging and why elderly people are a vital arm of any population. I had a grandma from my paternal side and a grandma from my maternal side left then, I was lucky. I got home for the holidays and set a goal of spending more time and bonding better with them. It’s still one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. One of the lessons I learned from my grandma was how to store food stuff. Onions can last a year. How long has your longest relationship lasted?


Store Onions in a cool, dark, and dry space

Moisture and light cause mold to grow on food. Both of those conditions also cause sprout. So put your onions in a large bowl or basket and keep them in a well-ventilated room that is dry. Separate the ones that are spoiling, use them or toss them in the bin, depending on the level of spoilage.

Cut onions? Store cut onions in the refrigerator of the freezer

Sometimes we just don’t need a full ball of onions to cook, so it’s okay to halve onions and want to use the other half later. Put cut onions in an airtight-glass-container and put it in the fridge. Glass is preferred to plastics because it helps decrease oxidation and moisture absorption. You also do not want our fridge oozing the smell of onions. If you intend to use the cut onions for salad or toppings, this is a good way to keep it fresh for about a week, as texture is vital. But if it’s for cooking, you can lave your onions in there for many months.

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As for spring onions, fresh garlics, etc., wrap them in a damp paper towel and put them into a bag or airtight glass container before putting them in the fridge. Make sure you cut out or peel away any slimy part and toss them into the bin before storing, otherwise you risk corrupting the healthy ones.

I learned a great deal from my grandparents during our short time bonding. Sadly, our society is shifting from the old culture of having elderly people mix up with the active population, as majority of them are stuck in the villages. However, maximise whatever opportunity you have, to learn a thing or two from a grandpa, grandma, uncle or aunty. The experience is often invaluable, not just how to store onions.

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