How to Take Sharp Photos

photography isn’t a science. It’s a creative art of expression

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Making our photographs sharp, clean and crisp is something most of us want, but isn’t always easily achieved. Camera shake, subject movement, and poor focus are usually the main reasons behind poor image quality.

6 tips for beginners to take sharper photos.

  1. Is it me or the camera?
    The first thing we need to consider is our vision. When was the last time you had your vision checked?
  2. Holding the camera steady.
    Camera shake is a common reason for blurred photos. While the best way to tackle camera shake is to use a tripod, there are times and situations where using one isn’t always possible.
  3. Make sure the equipment is clean.
    Make sure your lens and sensor are clean of any dirt and dust. Eliminating smudges, dust, and grime can impact your photographs.
  4. Exposure Triangle
    Understanding the exposure triangle is huge; ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed. The first thing we need to think about in our quest for sharp photos is the shutter speed we select.
  5. Sweet Spot
    Cameras and lenses have spots in their aperture or zoom ranges that are sharper than others. In many cases, this ‘sweet spot’ is one or two stops from the maximum aperture or zoom.
  6. Check focus
    Always check what part of the image is in focus before hitting the shutter. Consider setting the camera to one autofocus point instead of several.

Final thoughts…Practice, practice, practice! And remember, photography isn’t a science. It’s a creative art of expression.

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