How will Peter Obi becoming Nigeria’s next president affect Nollywood?

Peter Obi with Nollywood actors

When asked what his opinion was on him being referred to as a Nollywood actor by El-Rufai, the Kaduna State Governor, his response was; “He realized the fact that I am an actor, and I think part of what is holding this country back from development is releasing those engines that will develop us. One of the most critical places I want to focus is on improving our entertainment industry until it grows”.

And now that I am an acclaimed actor, I ask all those who are involved in the entertainment industry, myself being one of them, to support me so that I can improve their position.

Nollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, and it is a significant contributor to Nigeria’s economy. It has been recognized for its ability to create jobs and provide economic opportunities to Nigerians, and it has also helped to promote Nigerian culture and heritage globally.

If Peter Obi becomes Nigeria’s next president, his policies and initiatives could potentially impact the film industry positively. For example, he may implement policies that will provide incentives for the growth and development of the film industry. This could include tax incentives, access to funding, and support for training and capacity building for film practitioners.

Peter Obi has also been known to support entrepreneurship and small businesses, which could translate into more opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents.

Additionally, a new administration may bring changes to the country’s regulatory frameworks and policies that impact Nollywood, such as censorship laws or piracy regulations. How these policies are implemented and enforced could have an impact on the industry.

Overall, while it is difficult to predict exactly how a new administration led by Peter Obi will affect Nollywood, it is possible that his presidency could bring positive changes and support for the growth of the industry.

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