I Take Care Of My Bum Bum More Than My Stomach – Actress Pat Ugwu Reveals

And she has severally labeled herself as a member of the ‘Ukwu Movement’

Actress Pat Ugwu

There haven’t been many entertainers as lusciously daring as Pat Ugwu in recent times, given the goods she puts to the good on social media, particularly, the Instagram.

And she has severally labeled herself as a member of the ‘Ukwu Movement’ ( women who flaunt their bums because they believe they are endowed in that region of their body), not only in words but more in deeds by posting many bum-baring pictures of herself to drive home her point.

In this wise, it wasn’t such a big punch on the face when she came clean in a recent chat with Potpourri to assert how important her bum is to her. “You all know my selling point, it’s my ass; ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’, I’m the CEO of ass, what else if not my ass. I take care of my ass more than my stomach because it’s my selling point, and I also cherish my legs too. Men are dying for the ass and my ass has helped me so much and it is still helping me and I believe it can only get bigger even tomorrow, so no shaking,” she quipped when asked of her selling point. Pat Ugwu, born Patience Patrick Ugwu, with the stage name ‘Sugar Girl’ and the Instagram handle of Patpatugwu is a singer, dancer, model, and Nollywood actress. Since she hit the film industry in 2016, she has starred in movies like ‘Lack of money’, ‘Port-Harcourt Lady’ and ‘Twist of Fate’, among others. Having weathered storms of rejection in the industry, and standing tall among those who matter in the craft, the University of Abuja undergraduate knows what works for her and she’s ready to push it to the limit.

“Being sexy means everything to me, it means the world to me. I like being sexy, as a woman you have to be sexy if you don’t look sexy then you are nothing as a woman. Some of us that are not facially beautiful, we have to flaunt the other assets in our body that make us outstanding. I don’t joke with being sexy that’s why I am always in the gym, exercising my body to look fit and fresh, even in my 50s, I won’t stop gyming because I want to be forever sexy. Don’t let any man come and tell you not to showcase what you’ve got. Why won’t you flaunt what God has given you? It’s for your advantage, slay it, anybody, that loves you will like everything about you. I don’t care about haters and those who speak ill about me, my butt is what you can call ‘original’ or ‘authentic’ not surgical, so I will flaunt it because I’m proud of myself,” she said.

I Take Care Of My Bum Bum More Than My Stomach – Actress Pat Ugwu

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