I was raped by my tenant While Growing Up – Foluke Daramola Reveals

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Nollywood pro actress and producer, Foluke Daramola has opened up to the general public on how she was raped by her tenant while growing up.

The actress made this revelation during an interview with Punchng.com, where she also talked about how the experience she had, had helped her in grooming her 13-year-old daughter.

Speaking with punch, Foluke Daramola said;

“I always enlighten my daughter about how some men can be when it comes to sex. Even when I am not around her, she always cautions men when they try to touch her in a way she is not comfortable with. She tells me when she feels harassed by a man.

“She is out of the country at the moment, and people always call me to ask me how I trained her.

Speaking further, the Nigerian based actress said:

“In my days as a young woman, I couldn’t discuss sex with my mum; even till now, I still cannot do that because of the orientation I had as a young girl. If my daughter should get deflowered today, she will tell me because we are friends.

“I started discussing sex education with my daughter when she was six; I didn’t feel it was too early because she had a rapid growth.

“I was raped by my tenant because he thought I was older than my actual age. I am comfortable with my daughter being around men because I have educated her.”

img 20190223 183808 1376953545

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