I Watched This Movie And I Think You Should – Christmas Edition

We highlight 7 interesting facts about the rom-com, “Single All The Way”.

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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s taking shape to be an exciting one, all thanks to the festive films released. For this episode, we list out seven interesting facts about Netflix’ first gay Christmas movie, “Single all the way”.

Single All The Way (Available on Netflix)

It stars Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke MacFarlane, Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Robertson, and comedy icons Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy.

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7 Interesting things you need to know about “Single All The Way”

  • Single all the way is a romantic comedy which follows lead character Peter, who in a bid to stop being the single one at Christmas persuades his best friend, Nick to pose as his boyfriend in front of his family. 
  • The movie showcases a close knitted family who typically celebrate Christmas together.
  • Peter painfully finds out through Nick that his boyfriend, Tim whom he initially planned to take home for Christmas is married with children.
  • Nick is super charming and effortlessly melts hearts throughout the entire movie. He’d surely capture yours too.
  • Carole(Kathy Najimy) arranges a blind date for her son, Peter with her gym instructor, James and (in our opinion, they look really good together).
  • Comedy icons, Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge, who play the role of Carole and Aunt Sandy are hilarious. They also coincidentally happen to look a lot alike and could easily be mistaken for the other with the exception of their hair color.
  • Although, Peter’s entire family tried to make him realize that his best friend, Nick was his soulmate, his blind date, James did the final eye opening. 

Unlike many other gay movies, Single All The Way managed to place more emphasis on finding love than actually “coming out of the closet”.
It also opened up on the sad reality that many bisexual men are living – being gay yet married with kids.

Now to the most important part, is it worth the watch? Totally! It is a heartwarming yet funny story, and is full of everything you want in a Christmas movie.

It is super recommended for everyone who loves easy going love stories!

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