I Watched This Movie, And I Think You Should

We highlight 8 things you should know about the popular Nollywood movie, ‘Fine Wine’

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This section was thoughtfully curated to highlight interesting facts you should know about a movie, and in turn, help you decide whether you should/shouldn’t watch it.

On today’s episode is Nollywood movie, Fine Wine (available on Netflix).

It stars Richard Mofe Damijo, Tina Mba, Ego Nwosu, Zainab Balogun, Nse Ekpe-Etim, Ademola Adedoyin and Keppy Ekpeyong.

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8 Interesting Things You Need To Know About “Fine Wine”

  • Fine Wine is a total feel good movie. It follows the story of a lonely, rich older man who genuinely falls in love with a younger woman, and finds himself in a competition with a younger man for her heart.
  • Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD) came through, dripping in charm as he played the role of Omoseye George, a 55-year-old wealthy man in love with a younger woman. The veteran actor is no newcomer to playing the lover boy roles and avid nollywood lovers can testify to this.
  • Tina Mba is a regular Nigerian mother with two daughters, Kamsi and Kaima(RMD’s love interest). Her sole concern is ensuring they get married quickly. However, we thought a scene untypical where she recommended one of her daughters to sleep out with her boyfriend and not return home. (Can never be my Nigerian mother)
  • Kaima is a corper dating a senior collegue, Tunji who is beyond condescending. Her first encounter with RMD is as a result of Tunji keeping her waiting at a restaurant.
  • Surprisingly, RMD’s daughter, Temi(Zainab Balogun) doesn’t feel threatened by Kaima’s closeness to her father. Instead, she encourages him to pursue her.

  • Keppy Ekpeyong plays a great supporting cast and his facial expressions throughout the movie are hilarious.

  • Also, I believe Baaj Adebule’s character as RMD’s son could have been developed better. He only got a chance to appear in a single scene that could have easily been left out, but oh well.
  • Another highlight worthy of mention is the fact that Nse Ekpe Etim, who plays the role of RMD’s ex-wife, Ame never appeared physically in the movie yet blends in perfectly. She is only seen and spoken to through the phone and video calls. Quite impressive!

Finally, when would people in Nollywood start taking away their left over food in restaurants? (I always cry within whenever I see them exiting restaurants with their plates and entire table undone). Has to stop.

Now to the most important part, is Fine Wine worth the watch? Absolutely! The casting was great and the actors took to their roles like arms to gloves.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves a simple romantic story.

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