I will never be an absentee father – Akah Nnaji assures his daughter as she turns one

The father of one recently gifted his wife, Claire a new car to celebrate their child’s birthday

Nigerian actor and vlogger, Akah Nnani is celebrating his daughter, Gabrielle, who turns one year old today, December 21.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the excited dad prayed for his daughter and vowed to never be absent in her life.

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My miracle: Chizaram Gabrielle Eriife Amaris Nnani. You are already 1 year old. Thank you for coming. You changed everything. Everything!!!!

Gabrielle means ‘The Lord (Adonai) is my strong man’. Yes, “He surrounds you like the mountains surround Jerusalem”.

But I will do my part baby. The part He has given me. To protect you from insecurities, to protect your mind from negative influences and darkness of this world, to provide the best environment for you to thrive and dream and be. I will introduce you to our God. I will give you the best education. I will pray for you everyday and use my mouth to bless you. I will never use my tongue against you. I will dicipline you to keep you on the straight and narrow. I will teach you the ways of wisdom. I will show you how to make choices and multiply money because you will be better at it than I am. I will never be an absentee father. Never!!..”

Nnani tied the knot with his wife, Claire Idera in a colorful ceremony back in April 2019.

Akah Nnani and wife, Claire on their wedding day

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