ICYMI: All of the intimacy within and outside the BBNaija house is spilled at the reunion show

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Who doesn’t love some gossip? Especially when it’s extremely juicy just like that of the BBNaija reunion show.
The ex-housemates came fully ready to kiss and tell and no one is holding back.

According to the revelations made at the reunion, there was a lot of intimacy the viewers weren’t aware of and the ex-housemates took no time in disclosing everything we needed to know this past week. 

Dora, Wathoni and Bright O Entanglement

First off was Wathoni dropping the bomb about the Oral S*x between Dora and Bright O. This came as as a surprise to everyone as the duo barely spoke throughout the show. However, Dora who never ceases to “say it with her full chest” admitted to giving him a Blow J*b.
See full video:

Pribaj and Prido Triangle

Next in line was the Dora, Tolani Baj and Prince entanglement. Prido, (a name of the ship coined by the fans of Prince and Dora) has sunk deep in the ocean. According to Dora, the conflict between she and Prince started as a result of his past relationship with Tolani Baj. Going into details, she revealed that Tolani Baj and Prince had an intimate moment she wasn’t aware of. However, the host questioned why she needed to know about it if there was only a friendship between Prido. All three had a back and forth, exchanging words and throwing shades at each other. See video below:

We thought we had heard it all until Ka3na confirmed her sexual relations with Praise. After her eviction, the self acclaimed boss lady referred to their moment under the sheet as “aggressive cuddling” and stuck with it up until the reunion. As claimed by her, the rendezvous between them didn’t end in the house but was repeated outside as well.
Watch full clip below:

Finally, the icing on the cake was Tolani Baj disclosing the kiss between Lilo and Prince at the final all white party. As maintained by Lilo and confirmed by Prince, it was a situation prompted by alcohol and nothing more.
See full video below;

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