Inside Sonia Ighalo and ex-BBNaija-Housemate Uriel’s IG Dispute

inside sonia ighalo and ex bbnaija housemate uriels ig dispute

Sonia Ighalo, the estranged wife of retired Super Eagles star Odion Ighalo has accused former housemate of Nigeria’s most popular reality TV show Uriel of having a sexual transaction with an alleged married footballer.

Sonia Ighalo
Sonia Ighalo

Uriel posted a photo of her ex-boyfriend, complaining about how his DM is being flooded with messages of advances from women.

“Pls why do women like other women’s property? I posted a picture of my Ex who is my good friend and his DM full. Even those telling me how much they love me done enter his dM saying don’t show Uriel.. biko I’ve seen. I will never post my husband for Instagram biko I don’t have energy for everyday Night vigil,” Uriel wrote.  

Sonia who’s known for being vocal on the Gram had a swipe at Uriel via her IG story, calling Uriel a hypocrite.

“This girl doesn’t have shame o. How about you f*****g a married footballer. You go under his wife’s comment section commenting and doing frien frien,” wrote the mother of three. She didn’t however stop there, “Hypocrites always the first to point accusing fingers. Be like it’s time we start calling out these yeyebrities one by one. Aunty shut up and don’t let me expose you. Stop running your mouth on IG. Learn from your olosho colleagues. After all, nobody DM your ex,” she continued.

Sonia Ighalo Clap back

Uriel wasn’t prepared to put all that under the carpet, so she posted a 2-minute clap back video where she debunked all the allegations. Captioning the post, she wrote, “I’m not doing this honestly. I’ve suffered enough for this to happen. A lot of people DM me I reply I’m a nice person. I’m a young woman struggling to better her life. Driving a Crosstour. I dey colour hair everyday. Pin from sewing wig done spoil my hand. Pls I take God beg you. Leave UU alone, you people dey see me hustle everyday. Stop discrediting hard working people. I freaking drive a Crosstour.”

Uriel Oputa

Meanwhile in the video, she was adamant she’s worked hard for all she’s got, saying, “It took me five years after Big Brother house before I could afford my car. Some so many people wanted to buy me a house and cars. I drive a Honda Crosstour. I don’t have a sugar daddy. I sell hair and do influencing to make money. I will not allow anybody ruin my name.

“If I want to buy a house and a Range Rover today, I can. Please I do not want to be involved in this mess. I work hard for my money.”

Check out Uriel’s video below:

Gist lovers would find it interesting to see how this pans out. Are they going to see another response from Sonia Ighalo? I guess we’d all have to wait to find out.

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