Interesting Dark Facts about Our Favorite Fairytales

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The Land of Fairytales

Growing up, we all loved our fairytales. These stories shaped our pubescent ideologies on love (Cinderella), friendship (Snow White), family (Hansel & Gretel), and much more. But did you know these fables have some very dark histories and hidden messages?

No? Well sit back and let’s unravel them together.


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Cinderella running from her Prince

Our favorite cinder Ella is popular for her fairy godmother, her famous glass slipper, and her 12:00am curfew. But what you didn’t know about Cinderella is in the original ending, she put her stepsister’s remains in a jar of food and feeds it to her stepmother.

And let’s talk about that glass slipper. Isn’t it weird that no one in the whole kingdom had the same shoe size as Cinderella?

Little Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is already pretty dark, with a talking creepy wolf and the dark, lonely woods. How can this dark tale get any darker?

Well for starters, the talking wolf is actually a werewolf…yup, and little Red had to choose between a path of pins or needles to reach her grandmother’s house and save her. As if that’s not enough, upon reaching her grandmother’s, she discovers that the wolf actually deceived her and had already eaten her grandmother (nawa oh).

In some versions, little Red uses her wits to escape the wolf’s clutches (the feminist in me loves this version), while in other versions, a huntsman comes around and cuts open the wolf to free dear grandma and little Red.

Oh, and let’s not forget how blood-hungry little Red is – filling the wolf’s tummy with huge rocks to ensure his death (omo…no be overkill be that?).

Snow White

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Snow White after eating the poisoned apple

Famous for her red lips and pale white skin, Snow White was one of the prince charming fairytales. But let’s go to the darker elements, shall we?

The first – and creepiest – fact about this tale for me is the fact that the prince (who’s never seen Snow White before btw) stumbles across a decaying corpse in the wood and wants its transported to his chambers (umm…necrophilia much).

The next dark fact is the issue of cannibalism. So, after the huntsman kills the poor pig instead of Whitey, he takes its lungs and liver to the queen. The dear old queen then instructs the cooks to boil the entrails and eats them (wahala!…just because pesin pikin fine pass am).

Snow White too no try. First, she plays house with seven strange men (make I hear). She keeps taking things from strange women that endanger her. The babe too no dey hear word.

Beauty and The Beast

Belle and the Beast dancing in the ballroom

Our beautiful, intelligent Belle. Captured by the Beast, but her true love changes him back into a man.

However, this beauty fell in love with a beast (did someone say bestiality?), who forcefully captured her and kept her from her father. If that’s not a classic case of Stockholm’s, I don’t know what is.

And let’s not forget oga Gaston (what a creep). This creeper kept forcing himself on Belle – even after she’d told him no, repeatedly (sounds like scum material). But creepers are far and plenty. The dark aspect of his character is how easy it was to convince the whole town that Belle was crazy; just because she wouldn’t accept his advances (god forbid a lady rejects you).

The End

There you have it. Dark, creepy hidden facts about some our our favorite fairytales. Did you know any of these facts, or do you disagree or agree with them? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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