iPhone charging port not working, loose connection? Fixed

iPhone charging port not working loose connection 1
iPhone charging port not working loose connection

iPhone charging ports, just like other components of the iPhone are really durable, and unless you’re really unlucky or careless, it shouldn’t get damaged to the point that you have to replace it.

So, if your iPhone charging port is faulty in the sense that you have to keep adjusting, trying different positions and cords, it’s likely that your port has been clogged up by dirt. And as a result, your cord cannot establish the right contact with your phone. Well, here’s all you need to do.


The only thing you need for this exercise is a handy pin. You can improvise with an office pin, toothpick, or something similar that can fit into the port.

NOTE: Do not attempt to use a broomstick as it may break inside the port, and if that happens, you may have to dismantle the phone to get it out.


Insert the pin or toothpick into the port of the iPhone, reach for the edges of the ports and begin to scrape out the particles gently. Do this continuously until you there are no more cotton-like particles left in the port.

iPhone charging port not working loose connection 1

Connect your iPhone cord afterwards, and voila, your phone should notice the cable faster and your charging should become stable. Otherwise, you may have to purchase another cord.

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