Iranian Film Director Dismembered, Killed and Chopped to Pieces by Parents

The parents of the deceased confessed to the killing and say their son Babak was numbed before the killing.


A former London-based film director has been brutally murdered and dismembered by his parents in an honour killing after he returned to his home country of Iran, police said.


The chopped-up body of Babak Khorramdin, 47, was found in rubbish bags and a suitcase in the town of Ekbatan, western Tehran, on Sunday, May 16. According to reports, an argument had broken out between the father and son over Babak’s unmarried status.

Mohammad Shahriari, the head of the Tehran Criminal Court, said the Babak’s father confessed he anaesthetised his son, stabbed him, cut up his body and threw his remains in the rubbish. Following his confession, both parents have been arrested while an investigation is ongoing.  

Babak is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Tehran (2009). He had a master’s degree in cinema. The following year, he moved to London to further his study in film and film making, before returning to Iran to teach film to students.

Ali Fazeli Monfared was killed by family members who found out he was gay

He made several short films while in London including Crevice and Oath to Yashar, which focused on his experience migrating and being away from his family. Police say they have also found evidence of the grisly murder in the family home. 

Middle East Analyst and Editor at Iran International TV, Jason Brodsky said: ‘I think the horrific death of Babak Khorramdin is only the latest example of a long pattern of domestic violence that we have seen in Iran. ‘It follows the tragic death of Ali Fazeli Monfared, who was killed by family members after they found out he was gay. ‘That is not to mention the case last year of Romina Ashfrafi, a 14-year-old girl who was beheaded by her father in an honour killing.’

He added: ‘Despite a child protection law being passed in 2020 in Iran, honour killings and domestic violence continue more broadly, and this is an area the international community needs to address with Iran.’ There has been a rise in domestic violence and family homicides during the pandemic while people spend time with relatives at home.

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