Relationship Goals: Is It Okay to Date a Broke Man/Broke Guy?

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A broke man or a broke guy is usually a man who’s financially unstable. Being broke is relative; therefore, some people can have all the money they need to feel and be comfortable in life but are still viewed as broke by other people.

There’s no right or wrong answer for whether it’s okay to date a broke man.

Sometimes men are not broke out of being lazy or not trying to break free from financial difficulties. Sometimes, it could be bad choices, tragedy, terrible planning, and bad habits.

So, when you ask yourself or anybody else, “should I date a broke guy?” just know the people giving you black or white answers are absolutely wrong and may not have your best interest at heart.

Is it really okay to date a broke guy? Is dating a broke guy any good at all? Should you take a chance on that nice brother who cannot easily afford those expensive dinner dates that your friends post on their snaps and timelines?

In truth, only you can make that choice. It all depends on what you want and desire from your man.

Some men are easy to love even without money, many are not. Not having money is not a permanent condition and you don’t want to make the chapters of a bestseller biography [belonging to a billionaire] for the wrong reasons, just because of impatience.

You should weigh the pros and cons of being with your broke man.

What kind of attitude does he have? Does he work hard and is smart enough? Does he understand his situation and take responsibility of what is happening? Is he egotistic and feels entitled to your own money? How bearable is the relationship financially? How much are you willing to sacrifice and tolerate? What exactly do you want?

The chances are that you will find your own soothing answer to whether you should date a broke man or a broke guy when you look deeper with intent.

After all, not having money is not the worst attribute of a man and being rich is neither a guarantee of a lifetime of happiness. Ask Melinda Gates, Kim Kardashian, and Mackenzie Scott if you still doubt.

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