Jada Pinkett Smith shares an unpublished poem by Tupac celebrating his 50th birthday

“Let’s remember him for that which we loved most … his way with words.” Jada wrote paying tribute to the late music legend, Tupac.

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American actress and talk show host, Jada Pinkett Smith, shared an unreleased poem written by her late friend, Tupac Shakur, celebrating his legacy on what would have been his 50th birthday.

The mom of two posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday ahead of the rapper’s birthday today, June 16th, displaying the hand written poem.

“As we prepare to celebrate his legacy… let’s remember him for that which we loved most … his way with words. Here are a few you may have never heard before.” she wrote in the caption.

“Of course, you know, I went down memory lane. Over the years, PAC wrote me many letters and many poems. And I don’t think this has ever been published honestly,” Jada said while holding on to the poem titled “Lost Soulz”.

“I don’t think he would have minded that I shared this with you guys.” She said before reading it out loud.

A glimpse of the poem sees the rapper speaking on death, and how nothing gold lasts forever.

It is true that nothing gold can last 

We will all one day see death 

Let me live to see what was Gold in me 

Before it is all too late 

Jada, 49, and the late music icon, Tupac, go way back to their teen years. They have been friends since high school both attending Baltimore School for the Arts. 

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