James Bond Could Be Non-Binary in Future- Movie Rights Holder

James Bond could one day be using they/them pronouns on the big screen.

James Bond

British spy James Bond may only be a fictional character but his influence on popular culture cannot be overstated. Bond enjoys a cult following everywhere around the world, and to most people the character is symbolic.

Since 2006’s Casino Royale, British actor Daniel Craig had been portraying the globetrotting spy, until he confirmed he had appeared in his last Bond movie, following the release of the critically acclaimed No Time To Die.

There’s been several debate about what the future holds for Bond and the franchise, and who might become the next James Bond, with several actors including No Time To Die star, Lashana Lynch and Idris Elba.

However, according to reports by TMZ, the film’s rights holders see James Bond becoming non-binary (ie not referred to as male or female) in the near future.

James Bond could soon be using they/them pronouns on the big screen according to producer Barbara Broccoli, who co-owns and controls all things Bond via her film company, Eon Productions, alongside her brother.

Babara Brocollia
Barbara Broccoli, Credit: Photo by Unimedia Images/REX/Shutterstock

She did an interview with Anna Smith of the “Girls on Film” podcast, and the debate over Bond being a woman was once again brought up.

Smith asked if she still felt the character needed to be a man going forward, and Broccoli again said yes. She reiterated her point about not forcing a gender-bending switch for characters that are traditionally male (like Bond) and said new ones simply needed to be written for females.

Then Smith asked if Bond could, perhaps, be non-binary- and Broccoli didn’t shut down the idea outright. She replied, “Who knows, I think it’s open, you know? We just have to find the right actor.”

To be frank, it doesn’t sound like Broccoli was eagerly jumping at the idea, and she had said right before that- she thinks Bond will be a man in the future. However, it’s still interesting she even entertained the idea.

The debate about the future of James Bond has divided opinions everywhere. However, this idea of a non-binary Bond or female Bond may not be pleasing to many people but some people also want to see the character go through a modern or even gender-based transformation. Who knows!

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