Jeta Amata is simply a scriptwriter who wrote a script and is using their daughter as bait – Source allegedly close Mbong Amata slams her ex-husband Jeta Amata

jeta and mbong amata

Following Nigerian filmmaker Jeta Amata’s alarm over his ex-wife Mbong Amata’s whereabouts (having stayed away from social media for five months and allegedly not been in touch with their daughter), someone supposedly close to the former Miss Akwa Ibom has revealed that Mbong is well, advising everyone to debunk claims she is missing.

In a series of posts shared on Instagram by the responder who claims to be best friends with Mbong via the IG handle @stingybaron, Jeta Amata is simply a scriptwriter who wrote a script and is using their daughter as bait.

“My hardworking Bestfriend. A Queen 👸. @mbongofficial. Strong woman 💪🏽. For those worrying about her, she’s fine. If you know this woman you know she can stay off social media for 5years self, she’s just not that person,” she wrote.

She also warned observers to steer clear of slandering Mbong, writing: “No Mbong slander will be tolerated here. Stop talking what you don’t know. Take the negativity to the same blogs you read it from.”

When an observer asked why Mbong hasn’t reached out to her family, StingyBaron slammed the person, rhetorically asking: “And you know all this because a scriptwriter posted a script.

The handler then fired another observer who wanted to know why her ex-husband decided to go public: “The aim, to make her look bad while projecting care. Nothing worse than using your child as bet. Pathetic.”

Neither Jeta nor Mbong who last posted on Instagram in January has officially responded to this latest development.

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