Jeta Amata returns with alleged proof why his alarm over his ex-wife Mbong Amata’s disappearance should be taken seriously

Barely two weeks after Jeta Amata raised an alarm over his ex-wife, former Miss Akwa Ibom, Mbong Amata’s alleged disappearance, he has come back with proof saying his initial claim was no joke.

Recall that a certain Instagram user replied to the filmmaker, saying Mbong is fine and accused Jeta of trying to use their daughter, Veno as bait in a bid to tarnish Mbong’s image. She also claimed that Mbong is reportedly not the typical social media person and can stay away for as long as she wants, in a series of Instagram posts.

However, Jeta took to Instagram on Thursday, June 24, 2021, to give a more detailed insight into the ordeal that led to his initial call concerning his estranged wife’s alleged protracted vacation from social media and mum duties.

Alongside snips of several email conversations between him and Mbong including one that read that both him and Veno have allegedly not heard from Mbong in over a month and beginning to become worried, the film mogul wrote:

“I wonder when you all would realize how serious this is. See my last conversation with Mbong. She has not been seen. I suspected late last year and insisted on hearing her voice. That’s when she went dark. We weren’t quarreling before. I invited her mother to Abuja to see Veno and she lied and came with policemen. Veno opened the door. She’s been trying to kidnap her since.”

He continued, “When her other daughter was pregnant as a teenager, her husband drove them out. They came to me. Then he and the uncle called me asking me to send them packing. They both warned me. I didn’t listen. Today the boy is beautiful and the mother is a doctor. Yet, those are the two people working with the mother to kidnap my daughter. Her husband asked me to listen to her. They don’t realize the world is watching. When Veno gets pregnant at 14-16, which she will, who would you run to? My daughter just made straight As this semester, and you want to take her and raise her like you’ve raised your own. Beat her everyday like you did yours. Then have old men around her.”

Nonetheless, Jeta did not stop here and you can visit instagram to read his entire caption.

Several observers got in on the saga, while some were appalled by the sad story, others who clearly had Mbong’s back, echoed the same allegations as the previous Instagram user who accused Jeta of directing a movie.

One user wrote:

“Let go of that little girl so she can live a good life (referring to Veno). You’re talking about putting her first but all your actions are pointed in the opposite direction. Which child lives in hotels what kind of life is that? Now that you can’t get your way you use her as a weapon yet here you are talking about putting her first! When have you ever done that? You obviously think you’re in a movie that you get to direct , but you’ll soon realize that this is real life and when I say real life I don’t mean what you’re painting on social media for ignorant people to consume. I mean real life with real consequences for real actions.”

One also reminded Jeta that Mbong is no longer his wife and that he should let her be, insisting that if something was not well with her, her family would be the first to come out. Another user advised the filmmaker to involve the police.

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