JJC Skillz Ex-Partner Reveals Why He Beat Up His Son

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Nigerian veteran rapper, JJC Skillz’s ex-partner, Mella has revealed the reason he beat up their son, Benito.

Recall, Mella called out JJC doe physically assaulting and inflicting grievous bodily harm on their son

In a post shared via her Instagram page on Friday, April 22, Mella revealed that Benito was expelled from school for bringing alcohol.

“Benito and other children brought some alcohol into school, it was wrong but he didn’t deserve to be beaten like that. No child does,” she wrote.

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She also narrated how Benito has been neglected his dad, JJC and stated he has had to put up with trolls, harassment, bullying and defamation.

This is your child that you’ve failed to protect. My child that I entrusted to you. The child who yesterday was accepted into drama college by audition only, but won’t post it out for fear of once again being sabotaged,” she wrote.

“The child who has made mistakes like all teenagers but has loved you unconditionally has had to face an army of abuse, trolls, harassment, bullying and defamation and yet silence from you and your camp.”

“No defence, no acknowledgment. Nothing. But you cannot break his spirit or us. Our bond is too strong. We will leave the authorities to do their job. Your greatest loss is your son by your own hands. Let us heal and Leave us in peace.”

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Mella, JJC Skillz’ ex-partner

Mella’s post is coming days after Benito recounted how his father assaulted him following his expulsion from school.

According to Benito, the music star repeatedly hit him inside the car as they drove home.

He alleged that he sustained bruises on his face, neck and ribs.

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