Joeboy is Moving Onto The Next One in New Genius Interview

Joeboy revealed to Genius he wanted to explore a new sound and style in his globetrotting smash hit Sip (Alcohol), moving away from his “lover boy” musical style.


Nigerian singing sensation Joeboy appeared in a new episode of Verified with American Hip Hop and Pop culture media outlet Genius. On Genius’ Verified, artists are invited to break down their lyrics, revealing the meaning behind the music.

As for Joeboy, his latest single, “Sip (Alcohol),’ has been the one of the hottest jams across the globe, and has inspired millions of social media contents.

Although fans are used to Joeboy dropping hit songs, “Sip (Alcohol)’ is kind of an outlier given the sort of lyrics and genre we’ve come to often identify the “Beginning” singer with. And he shed some light over that evolution, meanwhile stating how sceptical he was that the song would be as big as it is today.

Getting in on the act, Joeboy started, “I think [Sip (Alcohol)] is really special for me, like seeing how big the song is becoming and how big it’s going to get because it was like a different step in my sound, not like the regular Joeboy sound from the beginning, which is more or less like this kind of “lover boy.”

“I was always like put in that box and I was like ‘nah, I’m done with this stuff.’ I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I just wanted to explore different sounds. And Alcohol is the first step in my sound evolving.”

Check out Joeboy’s full appearance on Genius’ Verified below:

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