Juliana Olayode Has A Word For Men Who Get married Almost As Soon As They Exit A Long-Term Relationship

Juliana Olayode

Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode has a word for men who go on to get married shortly after exiting a long-term relationship.

Olayode took to her Instagram handle to let out her feelings in a lengthy message where she expressed her frustrations with men (and women) who do this.

“Ever gone through this before? How did you heal? Your response can help me figure out how to be there for my friend.I have heard stories of guys breaking up with people for no reason. They would say “ it’s not you it’s me, you’re too good for me, you deserve a better man”. Etc. Of course they deserve a better man!!!

This is more painful because it happened to some close to me, we can do better honestly. Don’t just break up with people, without proper communication, leaving them in the dark to figure out what went wrong. Anyway, I believe that this is for the greater good, of anyone who has gone through or is going through any form of heartbreak, it is not the end, it is not over, talk to God about it, and allow him to heal you and walk the journey with you, trust me, He’s got greater plans for you!”

The actress said she was using her platform to help a friend in a similar situation.

What do you think is enough time before one can move on from a relationship?

What do you think?

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