Jussie Smollett’s Assault Case To Face Grand Jury

Jussie Smollett’s assault case will be coming up in front of grand jury in the coming week.

According to TMZ, the two brothers who were initially arrested in over Jussie’s assault are said to be living somewhere in Chicago under the watchful eyes of the police. Report is that the police do not want people to get in touch with them.

TMZ also reports that the apartment of the two Nigerians which was searched by the cops had some suspicious evidence like torn magazine pages which is been suspected to have been used to send the threat notes to Jussie Smollett.

According to Pulse News, sources close to TMZ says the police believes the brothers purchased the rope that was around Jussie’s neck after the incident, there is no surveillance video at the hardware store because it erases after a week.

The source also reports the police thinks there have been red flags since the beginning of the investigation. For example, the police were surprised that when Jussie took them to the crime scene, he was able to show them the camera located at the spot where he was attacked. The investigators found it rather strange.

This is coming barely a week after the police searched the apartment of the two Nigerian brothers where reported to be the persons of interest.

Was Smollett’s Assault Staged?

According to Law$Crime columnist, Elura Nanos, Jussie Smollett might face up to three years if charged and convicted for giving a false report to the police.

An ABC Chicago report cited sources saying that police were investigating if Smollett, an actor, staged the attack with the two men because his character was being written off of “Empire.”

The Chicago Police Department’s top spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that Superintendent Eddie Johnson contacted the outlet to say “we have no evidence to support their reporting and their supposed CPD sources are uninformed and inaccurate”.

20th Century Fox denied that Smollett was being written off the show.

A CNN report that same day cited law enforcement sources claiming that they think Smollett staged the attack with the brothers. Smollett has since lawyered up amid reports that police are scrutinizing him. His attorneys said on Saturday that he has been “further victimized” by the allegation he made up the story.

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