Justin Beiber Launches New Beige Clothing Line

Singer, songwriter, and fiancé to fashion model, Hailey Baldwin, has officially launched his new clothing line, “The Drew House”, named after himself, Justin Drew Beiber, adding fashion designer to his résumé.

The clothing line has been in the works since last year as Beiber gave Instagram a peek of his clothing line that included a white slippers and blingy chains with emojis on them.

The clothing line website is up and running, and is officially shop-able. Each piece is described by a note and includes random fact about almost everything. A hoodies states that “you could rock this bad boy for days. we don’t recommend it, but you totally could,” and “all swans in england belong to the queen.” The description of The Drew House clothing line represents what might be Justin’s take on fashion in general.

The Unisex line is described as “a place where you can be yourself…wear like you don’t care”.

There are currently 14 items available to shop. The line includes a mix of beige smiley face sweatshirts, red T-shirts, corduroy pants and more. All include the Drew signature and prices range from US$48- US$148. A pair of US$5 hotel slippers was the first product released from the brand.

As of January 30, two of the line’s items are already sold out. The items are ethically made in limited quantities in Los Angeles, USA.

However, some fans have noticed that Justin’s items look just like those of Kanye West’s YEEZY range, specifically his season three collection. On Wednesday, within hours of launch, Justin fans went from being excited to being disappointed, calling it ‘simple and overpriced’. Some have called him out, telling him to remain a singer and forget about being a fashion designer. Some diehard fans have declared their willingness to buy the items even if it means going broke.

The official Instagram handle of the clothing, Drew House, shows models eating junk food, lying on the couch, jumping into pools, and filling on donuts.

If you a Beiber fan, prices are affordable and products are selling fast!. You can get one.

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