‘K-Drama’ Dominates 30 Most Watched Series On Naija Netflix

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Its common knowledge that Nigerians enjoy Koreans Dramas or ‘K-Dramas’ as they commonly called. What isn’t common knowledge however, is just how strong of a chokehold it seemingly has on us. A recent metric gathered by Flix Patrol of the 30 most watched series on Naija Netflix saw K-Dramas take up a staggering 30%.

The list which was led by the early 2022 hit Alchemy of Souls saw Nigerian series manage a measly 10% while South African series had just 7%.

The gates guarding worldwide traction to Korea drama series were swung open by Netflix’s 2021 hit, Squid Games. Not only did Squid Games become one of the most series on Netflix, it received several accolades from Primetime Emmy Awards to Golden Globes, opening the eyes of the Western world to Korean Drama’s existence.

K-Drama series, Alchemy of Souls
K-Drama series, Alchemy of Souls

For most Nigerian movie lovers, Alchemy of Souls is the most recent K-Drama with a strong grip as seen on the released list, but with the two part series having come to its conclusion, we can’t wait to see which one comes next.

See the top 30 list below;

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