K-pop Superband BTS Announce Break to Pursue Solo Projects

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Korean-Pop, also known as K-pop boy band BTS announced during a live-streamed event on Tuesday, June 14 that they will be taking an indefinite break– time off to pursue solo projects and re-strategize how they could move forward as a group act.

The news sent massive shock waves across their fan-base, as BTS had come to become one of the most successful musical groups and the outright most successful K-pop band.

Announcing the news, the group said,

“I hope you don’t see this as a negative thing, and see it as a healthy plan,” J-Hope said, speaking in Korean. “I think BTS will become stronger that way.” He referred in English to what would ostensibly be the group’s comeback as “chapter two.”

During the live-stream, the 7-act group highlighted some of the subjects that led to their decision including the constant pressure and the feeling that they were losing their senses of direction as individuals.

It was more or less an airing out occasion, with the group publicly acknowledging the intense nature of the K-pop industry, in which stars– referred to as “idols”– are trained from a young age, taught to look, speak, dress, dance and sing in specific ways.

Like in Seoul, BTS is loved all over the world, breaking records at numerous concerts and award shows. Any such news was always going to be met with heartbreak across their fan-base and that of K-pop at large. And so it was. Check out this post we retrieved from The Washington Post, to see how some fans took the news of BTS going on a break.

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