Kanye West and Dake’s Rekindled Bromance May See Them Unite For “Jeen-Yuhs”

Kanye West and Drake squashed their beef late last year, with Kanye appearing in Drake’s Toronto concert. Now, Kanye appears to want more collaborations with the 6-god.

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Kanye West has an upcoming Netflix documentary titled “Jeen-Yuhs” and allegedly wants Drake to serve as its narrator.

The first trailer for the docu series was shared online a few weeks ago, and will focus on Kanye’s journey to becoming one of the brightest and most successful rappers of all time.

Jeen-Yuhs will be a 3-part documentary, and its official synopsis reads, “Twenty-one years ago, Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons met Kanye West and saw something so special that he moved from Chicago to New York City to document Ye’s journey to become the next great rapper. Neither of them had any idea where just how far that journey would take them.”

However, it appears everything is not set for Jeen-Yuhs to debut with Kanye reportedly inviting Drake to do him the honour of adding his voice to the project.

West recently openly stated that he wants the final word on how the series comes out, but the directors weren’t having that. On Monday (February 7), he once again popped up on social media with yet another screenshot of a text exchange where he makes it clear he has one specific person in mind to add a voice to the project.

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“I need Drake to do the narration,” West reportedly texted the unnamed person. In the caption to his post, Ye added, “DRAKE WANNA NARRATE THE DOCUMENTARY.” 

Drake hasn’t commented publicly, but he did get caught liking the post. You never know what could be in store. Check out the post below and the trailer for Jeen-Yuhs if you haven’t.

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