Kanye West Spotted in LA Wearing A Bag-Like Face Mask

Kanye West is keeping it extremely low-key with a bag-like face mask.

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Following his impending divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West continues to remain an extremely elusive figure. Over the past few months, the Good Music boss has only popped up on rare occasions, and his most notable appearances as of late were his surprise visit to DJ Khaled’s house days prior to the release of Khaled Khaled and his performance at DMX’s funeral.

It appears Kanye is aiming to be even more low-key. According to TMZ, Mr West was spotted out in Los Angeles wearing a face mask that resembled a paper bag more than a traditional balaclava.

kanye west

The look is undeniably odd but, the bag-like mask is a unique fashion choice that Yeezy has experimented with before. With no visible holes for his eyes, nose, or mouth, the eye-catching mask is reminiscent of the ornate face coverings that Kanye wore throughout his 2013 Yeezus Tour.

It’s also worth noting that Kanye is spotted without the wedding ring he wore in DJ Khaled’s Khaled Khaled promotional pictures. After rumours recently claimed that the controversial rapper is now dating Irina Shayk, it appears that Kanye may be moving on from his divorce after all. However, it appears things are yet to go south between Kanye and Kim who share 4 children. The ex-wife of the rapper leaked upcoming releases from Kanye’s street-wear brand, Yeezy barely two days ago.

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