Kanye Wests’s Favourite Art Teacher Comments on Her ‘Life of The Party’ Mention

Kanye West’s favorite art teacher Mrs. Levy says he was “cocky” at times as a student, but she thinks that trait served him well in his music career.

Kanye West

In case you missed it, American rapper and record producer Kanye West recently released a deluxe version of his latest album ‘DONDA’. The project features several new songs including ‘Life of The Party’ feat. Andre 3000 which was leaked by Drake earlier this year.

Fans have since come to like ‘Life of The Party’, which was initially cut from the original ‘DONDA.’ And on the song, Ye talked about his favourite art teacher Mrs Levy, while Andre talked about family.

Kanye’s favourite professor has allegedly spoken out in a Facebook comment about the music legend’s work as a student, addressing his “cockiness” and more.

“Art teacher Levy here… I just briefed through several of your caustic comments concerning Kanye’s years at and after PIE; I’m a bit surprised at the amount of vitriol expressed… so in his defense, some personal thoughts/observations,” said Mrs. Levy. “My perceptions of Kanye exist due to his gifts as a most-talented musician and visual artist, his long-standing commitment and devotion to both, and enough personal audacity to reach desired career goals in a very tough and unforgiving industry; as my art student for four years, yes, he was at times ‘cocky’ but that trait probably served him well later- I can’t imagine how ego-busting it is to succeed in the music industry; his artwork was exceptional for someone his age, not only with technical skill but conceptual problem-solving; we kept in touch for a while after he reached celebrity status, and found him to be most polite and kind; I spoke with him in my art room pre-concert at Eisenhower, (he gave me tickets to his concert that evening at Rosemont), and spoke with him again (and with his mom) backstage at the House of Blues…”

Mrs. Levy concluded that she gives Kanye the “benefit of the doubt” despite him showcasing “bad behaviour” at times. Regardless of his behaviour, Mrs. Levy is incredibly proud of Ye and all that he has accomplished in his career.

The updated ‘DONDA’ now features the tracks ‘Up From the Ashes,’ ‘Remote Control Pt. 2,’ ‘Never Abandon Your Family,’ ‘Keep My Spirit Alive Pt. 2’ along with ‘Life of The Party.’

Listen to Kanye West’s ‘Life of The Party’ below.

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