Kate Henshaw Disapproves of Diabolical Nollywood Methods

Veteran actress Kate Henshaw has called out a major ill in the Nigerian movie industry. In a series of tweets shared on Tuesday, August 2, Kate voiced her displeasure over the desperation and length people are willing to go to achieve success in Nollywood.

“In an industry like mine, there are some who will stab you in the back just for the chance to be given a meal but I have always prided myself in being 100% professional. It took me years and no daughter of eve will tarnish it…,” Kate tweeted.

Kate, who clocked a half century on earth a few weeks ago on July 19 did not leave any clues to what may have caused her recent outburst. However, she returned a minute later with another post.

“I hate it when people lie and there is a cover up because if it was true, you would stand with your full chest and own it and provide proof.”

Kate has been around for a long time, starring in tens of hundreds of local and international projects. In 2000 she got married to husband Rod Nuttal and they have a daughter Gabrielle Nuttal together. She’s also won several accolades including the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the movie Stronger than Pain (2008) and remains one of the most influential personalities in Nollywood.

Check out Kate’s tweets below:

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