Kevin Hart Discusses the Perks and Disadvantages of ‘Fame’ in New Interview

Hart said famous people don’t often talk about the disadvantages because it’s disregarded as “woe is me.”

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Kevin Hart’s latest Netflix series may be titled True Story, but it’s not really a tale of an actual real life event. However, Hart did pull the plot from real-world experiences, starring in the series as a comedian from Philadelphia who has seen an uptick in his career, and soon, becomes a major player in the movie industry. When he returns home for a visit, he reunites with his brother, portrayed by Wesley Snipes, who ropes him into a scandal that could destroy his career forever.

Although there are funny bits in the series, it’s a more serious role than those we are used to seeing Hart play. He told Yahoo Entertainment that he used True Story to share the dark side of the industry.

“I think that’s the code that we cracked,” Hart said. “What you discover within fame, especially in today’s time, is it’s not what most think [it is]. Although it has its perks and its bonuses, granted, it does. But it does come with a plethora of disadvantages as well.”‘

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“Those disadvantages aren’t highlighted, and they’re not talked about, because if you do, [the response is] ‘How dare you? Woe is me,’ you know? There’s the perception of having everything, or having the world at his fingertips. ‘Well, you can’t have a problem.’ So I think that’s the game that we were able to play with Kid… showing what he was dealing with, showing the frustration.”

Snipes added that it is important to teach young people with superstardom in their eyes about the pitfalls that come with obtaining global success in entertainment. [There are a] whole lot of schools that teach you how to get there,” said Snipes. “Not very many to teach you what to do once you get there.”

True Story premiered yesterday, November 24 on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

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