Kim Kardashian Visits Convict, Kevin Cooper

Kim took her prison reform efforts on the road to one of America’s most notorious prisons

kim kardashian visits death row to help free inmate kevin cooper
EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian pays a secret visit to a convicted killer she is trying to save from Death Row. Wearing an all black jumpsuit, reminiscent of ones worn by prisoners, Kim was seen entering the notorious San Quentin State Prison, in northern California, through a side entrance, while other visitors had to enter via the main entrance. It's believed the reality TV star spent time with Kevin Cooper, who Kim and other campaigners believe was framed for a quadruple murder. Kim, an advocate of prison reform, who is studying to become a lawyer, made headlines in June after successfully campaigning for the release of Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old woman who was sentenced to life for a first time, non-violent offense. The mother of three and wife of rapper Kanye West was widely credited for orchestrating Johnson’s release and now many are hoping she can do the same for Cooper, who in 1985, was sentenced to death for the slayings of Douglas and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year-old daughter Jessica, and Jessica’s friend, 10-year-old Chris Hughes. A t-shirt believed to have belonged to the killer, was found to have Cooper’s blood on it, along with some test tube preservative. But according to some reports, this presence of the preservative indicates the blood on the shirt had not been splattered during the quadruple murder, but instead been taken from inside a test tube of Cooper’s blood, and planted on the shirt to frame him. Advocates have made the case that it was the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department that tampered with DNA evidence to frame Cooper. Kim recently tweeted a message to California Governor Jerry Brown , saying ... "Governor Brown, please add Kevin Cooper to your legacy of smart, fair and thoughtful criminal justice reforms." She retweeted an opinion article from the NYT titled "Justice Delayed, With a Life on the Line." Kim was given special treatment entering the prison. Everyone else had to walk in together with other visitors at 10:15 a.m. but Kim

Kim Kardashian was on San Quentin’s death row Thursday on a mission. Kim took her prison reform efforts on the road to one of America’s most notorious prisons with the goal of freeing an inmate who has been awaiting death since 1983.

61-year-old Kevin Cooper was convicted of committing 4 heinous murders in Chino Hills, CA in the ’80s and sent directly to death row. Between then and now, the death penalty was suspended, reinstated, there was a gas chamber and then death by lethal injection and all the while Cooper sat waiting to die, always proclaiming his innocence.

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Back in October, Kim asked then-Governor of California Jerry Brown to look into Cooper’s case because of evidence Cooper has been framed. Brown’s ordered DNA testing, in no small part due to Kim’s campaign. California’s new Governor, Gavin Newsom, ordered additional testing in February.

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Newsom’s waiting for final DNA test results, but Kim decided to pay a visit so she could have her first face-to-face with the guy she’s trying to free. Kim, who wore all black, spent 2 hours with him and is more convinced than ever he was framed.

As for now, Cooper will not face execution, because Governor Newsom is a death penalty opponent who has suspended all executions while he is in office. The guess is Cooper’s happy to have KK on his side, Kim and her legal team have freed 17 inmates gaining freedom over the past few months.

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