Laura Ikeji Craves World Wide Fame

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Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria

Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji took to social media to list her goals and aspirations.

Laura Ikeji Kanu
Source: The Net Naija

A younger sister to media mogul Linda Ikeji, Laura Ikeji can be described as a vivacious celebrity and this side of her is one she often displays on social media. Garnering a huge following on these platforms enemies and friends alike. Well, it appears the celebrity fashionista is not really bothered about that as she is more focused on her achievements being recorded on the internet. In a recent post in which she posed with her Mercedes Benz, she opened up about this and how social media has helped her business.

In a recent post, She wrote: “All I wanna see when I google my name is she owns this business not she has a beef with this person or did this. I’ve always been in yo face on IG, that’s how I earn a living, being relevant on here is hard but we pushing. I’ve relaxed a bit just to see if that works too but dang! Nothing beats being in ya face. If u wanna make money on IG u can’t keep calm. Nah”

When it comes to getting into social media scuffles with people, Laura Ikeji is well within her depth.

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