Like Joeboy’s Disappointing “Sip (Alcohol)” Video, Like Lil Kesh and Zinoleesky’s “Don’t Call Me”

Have you seen the music videos for “Sip (Alcohol)” and “Don’t Call Me” by Joeboy and Lil Kesh respectively? If you felt disappointed or thought they were underwhelming, we stand with you.

Lil Kesh

Music videos have a way of either reducing or increasing the rep on any song. The only thing people love more than a banging record is a visual that fits the bill.

When Joeboy released “Sip (Alcohol)” in September 2021, it was the song everybody wanted to listen to; sick beat, sick lyrics, sick vocals. It topped several charts within and outside Nigeria, and is in the conversation for the best Nigerian/African songs of 2021.

However, the music video for the song, directed by Dammy Twitch was underwhelming- it didn’t fit the bill of the song. Although it has amassed more than 30 million views on YouTube since it’s debut in October 2021 (which is a lot), “Sip (Alcohol)” deserved a sicker video.

We could argue those 30 million plus views are from fans who simply wanted to stream the music video of one of their favourite records, but were disappointed.

In a similar way, Lil Kesh and Zinoleesky got everyone G’d up when they dropped “Don’t Call Me” late last year. Although it had a slow start, we’ve gradually warmed to the song, and now it occupies a special place in our hearts.

Zinoleesky’s hook and vocals were immaculate on the record, Lil Kesh also seems to have reinvented his career, with the song becoming a sleeper hit. However, how disappointing is the visuals? Maybe even worse than that of “Sip (Alcohol).”

Artists should never underestimate the importance of giving every record a fitting video. There’s no point getting overwhelmed with success, and hastily making a music video simply because a record is on a hype run. Rather, don’t make the video at all. After all, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.

What are your thoughts about the two videos? Watch them below.

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