Loki episode four sets the Disney+ series up for an engrossing final two episodes

Loki episode four sets the Disney+ series for an engrossing final two episodes

I had began to develop cold feet following the second and third episodes of Loki, and right about when I was planning to pause on following the Disney+ series as it unfolded, and probably finish it when the dust had settled, episode four reminded me of why I was really stoked when the Loki project was announced.

With Loki, as always, what you see is not quite what you get. How could it be, when he is the master trickster and deceptionist. Episode one made for a great opener, two and three made a mere caricature of the character.

As often with eponymous series as such, showrunners sometimes do not realize when there’s an under or over characterization of the chief protagonist.

Loki episode four sets the Disney+ series for an engrossing final two episodes

The Loki series is not a backstory or a prequel, it didn’t need so much character development like in episodes 2 and 3. Loki fans know that much of the excitement surrounding the god of mischief is down to his mysterious nature.

Although it was inevitable that much of that mystery would be dissected in Loki, the areas that were chosen made for less excitement. However, things are definitely about to heat up after episode four.

Loki Episode 4 Post Credits Variants

While episode one broke the internet for the most followed Disney+ debut and forced the entertainment giants to choose Wednesdays for other future debuts, episodes two and three were slow.

However, this fourth episode has set the series up for a highly engrossing last two episodes. Fans like me who were just about to ditch Loki for another adventure would have been happy after last Wednesday’s showing. We finally met the Sacred Time Keepers, and lost count of the twists in that particular episode. Not forgetting that surprising post credit scene, everything was absolutely mind-blowing.

Have you been following Loki, and were you just about to give up like me? Episode four will change all of that, and get you excited again. Hopefully.

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