Media Personality, Moet Abebe Opens up on Past Insecurities as she gets 24th Tattoo

The OAP revealed how she had struggled with insecurities up until the pandemic.

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Media personality and host, Moet Abebe has gotten inked for the 24th time.

The OAP took to Instagram where she shared a photo of the new tattoo and opened up on struggling with insecurities for years.

“Yes I’m addicted to getting ink but even with how many I’ve got I do not appear heavily tatted (not that there’s anything wrong with a heavily tatted female). Tbh this was a spontaneous one but is of great significance to me mainly because for many years; maybe till the pandemic hit, insecurities ruled my life…,”

“I often felt I wasn’t enough… I often felt that I had a point to prove…. but over the past 2-3 years I have realized no one has their “shit” together, absolutely NO ONE.. So I’ve decided to embrace every part of me from now on and it is extremely comforting to realize that I AM ENOUGH and frankly speaking so are you 😊 😃 😀”

Abebe doubles as an actress and has featured in movies and Tv series such as Red Card, Oasis and Living Arrangement.

She is also set to feature as ”London” in season two of TNC Africa’s web series, “Little Black Book” released later this year.

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