Meet Bhadie Kellyy, The Latest Tiktok Sensation

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Twitter has been thrown into a frenzy since latest internet sensation, Bhadie Kelly came into limelight days ago with her famous ”behind”.

The Tiktok star has had several tongues wagging as videos of her dancing and swaying her hips begun trending all over social media.

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You are probably wondering who Bhadie Kelly is, here’s what we know;

According to online sources, Bhadie Kelly is a Tiktok star from Togo. The Togolese became popular after a video of her dancing seductively went viral on TikTok and eventually, on Twitter.

Her TikTok followers has continued to grow rapidly with more than 800K followers at the moment, and almost all of her videos currently have over a million views on the platform.

Other ladies on the platform have also go on to remake some of her trendy videos, which is typical of Tiktok users.

See below a thread of videos from Bhadie Kellyy’s Tiktok account;

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