Meet SoundOn, TikTok’s New Music Distribution Platform

TikTok’s SoundOn is powered by TuneCore, and will pay artists 100 percent in royalties within the first one year of activity

TikTok has enjoyed remarkable growth since it launched in 2016. According to data from Statista, TikTok had already amassed over 310 million downloads on both Google Play and App Store in 2020, making it the quickest app to reach that milestone.

The platform has also achieved massive influence in today’s music industry, sending songs that find popularity on the app to the top of the Billboard charts.

The ByteDance Beijing-owned company began this trend when they acquired popular lip-syncing app Musical.ly, migrated all accounts to TikTok, and successfully relaunched its new product for the overseas market.

Now they have launched a new music distribution service called SoundOn, which lets artists upload their music directly to TikTok and RESSO, and it can also distribute artists’ music to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

SoundOn is live in the UK, US, Brazil and Indonesia.

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According to recent developments, TikTok’s new adventure is powered by digital distribution platform TuneCore.

This means that artists or creators who upload music to SoundOn will automatically have that music distributed to other platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) via TuneCore.

A test version of SounOn had been in use since September 2021, and TuneCore has been TikTok’s distribution partner since then.

The commercial benefits of using SoundOn appears would give other platforms a run for their money, with artists promised 100 percent of the royalties in the first year and 90 percent afterwards, also with a range of promotional and support tools for creators.

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