Mercy Johnson Debunks Claim Husband Stormed Daughter’s School With Thugs

Headteacher and other staff confirm that Mercy Johnson never assaulted anyone and that husband did not storm school with thugs.

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson

After going online to reveal her 8-year-old daughter was the subject of bullying from a school teacher, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has gone live at the said school to clear the air amid rumours that she was rude to the school’s headteacher and that her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie stormed the school with thugs the following day.

A lady with the instagram handle @thenancychidera had earlier claimed to be an eyewitness of the said altercation involving a teacher and Johnson’s husband’s thugs. However, the live video footage has confirmed that Johnson did not meet with the headteacher and that her husband did not show up with thugs to cause trouble.

Mercy Johnson and Family
Mercy and Prince have been married since 2011 and are blessed with 4 kids

Members of the school’s staff present in the video vindicated the actress and her family, confirming that the actress did not fight anybody. Johnson continued by saying that she does not like drama or trouble but her children are where she draws the line.

She also pointed out that the teacher in question had been mean to her previously and her husband asked her to ignore. The mother of four then went on to narrate what exactly happened and pointed out how people just want to use social media to put others in a bad light.

Check out the live video below:

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