“I Had My Thyroid Removed” – Mercy Johnson Opens Up On Quick Brush With Cancer

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Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, has made some shocking new revelations about her recent brush with cancer.

Johnson opened up about it on her kitchen talk show, Mercy’s Menu, with fellow actress Joke Silva present as a guest.

During the the episode which also saw Joke Silva open up about dealing with her husbands ailing health, Johnson disclosed that she got diagnosed when her last child was 6 months old, how she underwent surgery and was placed on life-long medications . She said;

“Odi and I have actually been here and I have never discussed it where we had, like uhm, a scare. I had a cancer scare in quote and I had like my thyroid removed. And it was like a journey for us because we had kids.”

Mercy Johnson and Joke Silva on an episode of Mercy's Menu
Mercy Johnson and Joke Silva on an episode of Mercy’s Menu

She added, “My last was six months at that time and then we kept on saying “okay, we have to understand that this is the new us, let’s go get the surgery done.” And then we got there, they said I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life and it was a reality that we had to sit down. You know, them giving me a timing and telling me you can’t miss your medication. Once you wake up that day, that’s the first thing. Telling me all of the side effects. So I’m reconciling with this you’re saying, it’s the truth. At the point you realize this is where we are, let’s grow from here, let’s live in this comfort zone.”

Mercy’s revelation marks the second entertainer who has had to deal with ill health recently after rapper ‘Ikechukwu’ described how he survived a condition that left him bedridden and on the verge of total paralysis.

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