Mindhunters: True Crime Drama

Mindhunters 1
Mindhunters 2
Mindhunters: Seasons one and two on Netflix

If sharp federal agents, complicated cases, and disturbing sub-plots interest you, this brilliant true-crime drama is the perfect watch.

Beginning with a hostage situation (the gunman claims to be invisible), we meet Special Agent Ford Holden. Agent Ford is a struggling hostage negotiator who feels disappointed with the method and approach employed by the FBI in catching criminals.

In his search to devise better approaches, he goes back to college to study behavioral sciences. This brings him into contact with our second lead, Special Agent Bill Tench.

Fascinated by Agent Ford’s ideas, Agent Tench asks him to join the BSU (Behavioral Science Unit). This partnership gives Agent Ford the resources he needs for his hypothesis. Together, Tench and Ford interview violent serial killers.

Mindhunters 3
Serial killers portrayed in the show L-R: Son of Sam, Wayne Williams, Charles Manson, Ed Kempler, and Dennis Rader.

With the insights gained from their interviews (some disturbing stuff), agents Ford and Tench work with local police to solve sinister crimes.

Filled with cleverly placed subtle hints, intelligent dialogue, and beautiful acting, this crime series is sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen and wanting more.

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