Mo Abudu Says People Who Don’t Understand ‘Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman’ Are “Uneducated”

Mo Abudu Elesin Oba

EbonyLife Studios used to enjoy near-unanimous support from the public, but all that changed with the release of Chief Daddy: Going For Break at the return of New Year 2022. That was a hard pill for even the most diehard fan to swallow and people, rightly, lashed out. The producer lashed out at fans in response at that time and, in keeping up with the new tradition, has done it again with the mixed reactions her latest film Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman has been getting from the public.

Responding to a tweet from cast member Deyemi Okanlawon she was mentioned in, Mo Abudu had some mildly colorful words for the consumers of the product her company puts out.

What Okanlawon posted:

“Elesin Oba is a work of art – the late Biyi Bandele’s visual rep of Wole Soyinka’s lit masterpiece… but as with any art form you can expect that some, who perhaps lack art appreciation experience, will view it upside down. Rgds, Olunde, Deyemi. Best In Dying in Nollywood Films.”

What Mo Abudu replied with:

“@deyemitheactor our darling Olunde, who gave a most commanding performance, Elesin Oba – The King’s Horseman will stand the test of time forever and ever. It will always be a reference point in moving pictures as it’s the first time that this play has been done as a feature film. It will go over the heads of some, because they are “uneducated” about this work. But I am glad to see that many of your followers are exposed to understanding the concepts and thematics displayed in our film. It truly is a work of art”

Elesin Oba screenshot 1

Mo Abudu’s latest response follows a new, growing trend from Nigerian filmmakers who lash back at fans who criticize their works using a variety of colorful words. While not all criticism comes constructive, I think it’s even more distasteful for these filmmakers to stoop lower to use fancy words that toe the line of bullying in response. It’s a terrible act that’s fast gaining traction and, if not nipped in the bud soon, it could transform into a raging fire that’ll come around for every stakeholder in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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