Moet Abebe reveals why she never hangs out with her female colleagues

According to the OAP, her colleagues often fight over the same men, giggs and sponsors

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On-Air personality, Moet Abebe has disclosed the reason why she never a hangs out with her fellow radio girls.

In a post shared via her Instagram Stories, the OAP revealed that she’d rather maintain a distance as most of her colleagues fight over the same men, gigs and sponsors.

“I’m as real as real can be. With me is what you see is what you get. I see things for what they are. This is what this industry has taught me. Don’t lose yourself in all the sauce, don’t be deceived by all the fake smiles and pleasantries,” she wrote.

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Moet Abebe/Instagram

“Me I dey my lane, all these media girls unite, radio girls hang out, you dey see me for there? Nope. Why? Because it is all smoke and mirrors. People fighting for the same men, gigs and sponsors.”

She finally issued a stern warning to everyone involved, to stay away from her.

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