Money Heist Spinoff, ‘Berlin’ Set To Begin Production, New Heist Team Revealed

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Berlin, the prequel series spun from Netflix’s hit TV series Money Heist is on the brink of production and ahead of that, Netflix has unveiled the new heist team the titular character will be rolling with.

 Money Heist premiered in 2017, introducing us to the diverse band of Spaniards named after famous cities who held up the Royal Mint, and afterwards the Bank of Spain, keeping our eyes glued to our screens over the course of five glorious seasons. Following its conclusion in 2021 and given the popularity of the show, it was hardly anyone’s belief that Netflix would let the heist story end without any follow ups. It soon announced the reboot spinoff Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area which despite its lackluster performance has been renewed by the streaming service for a second season. Another spinoff, prequel series Berlin, is also in development and is based on one of the original series’ most captivating leads and one of the masterminds of both heists, Berlin played by actor, Pedro Alonso.

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The cast for Berlin has been officially been unveiled during a press conference in Madrid which took place recently ahead of the shows production. The new heist team will include Michelle Jenner as tech genius Keila, Tristian Ulloa as a professor and Berlin’s confidant Damian, Begona Vargas plays the unpredictable Cameron, Julio Pena Fernandez as the loyal Roi and Joel Sanchez as the tough guy Bruce. The series will consist of eight episodes with filming set to begin on October 3, in Madrid and Paris over the course of several weeks.  

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With Money Heist’s conclusion and the Korean remake failing to hit as much the original series did, a new Spaniard heist team led by none other than Berlin sure seems like a good way to get fans back into the heisting spirit. It’ll be quite some time before the spin off premieres, so in the meantime, fans can keep their anticipation at bay with old episodes of Money Heist still streaming on Netflix.

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