Netflix’s Blood and Water Star Ama Qamata Details Struggles While Filming

Qamata says she had her very first panic attack while working on the set of Blood and Water Season 2.

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Blood and Water Season 2 premiered on Netflix this weekend following a commercially successful and critically acclaimed debut season.

Blood and Water Season 1 is considered a sleeper hit, with Ama Qamata who stars as chief protagonist Puleng Khumalo having a breakout performance. The South African actress’ stock has been on the up since then, but it’s also come with it’s fair share of struggles trying to keep up with the same level of energy and brilliance in front of the cameras.

Blood and Water centres on Miss Khumalo, a sixteen year-old high schooler determined to uncover the events that led to the mysterious disappearance of her sister.

Speaking to Nigerian entertainment outlet, Pulse, Qamata shed a little light on the struggles of filming season 2 of Blood and Water, dealing with pressure, dealing with fan expectations, and shooting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I seriously had my very first panic attack while filming the second season of the show,” she told Pulse exclusively while sharing her experience working amid the pandemic and managing fan expectation.

Despite the challenges, Qamata was adamant she would have it no other way. “I will have to say returning back to filming season two has been an incredible journey, one I think each of us are very grateful for. I’m really excited for everyone to see the story, how it happens, and how the truth unveils.

Blood and Water
Blood & Water Credit: Netflix

The 23-year-old continued, “The writers of this new season went more in-depth with our characters. The stakes are of course, definitely higher and we [cast] put ourselves in a lot of dangerous situations to uncover the truth. I think our characters took a step further this season to discover the truth.”

The two seasons of Blood and Water are now available on Netflix.

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