New YBNL man Senth shares maiden EP “Senth Of Her” — Listen here

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New YBNL man Senth, announced his induction into the YBNL family with the single Dagger, which was supported by a TG Omori-shot music video.

The latest Olamide progeny has shared the next step in his start to life as a YBNL artist– a five-track no-feature EP titled Senth Of Her, check out the tracklist below.

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Senth — Senth Of Her EP

Senth on the EP aims to showcase his distinct music style, which borders on a combination of dancehall and reggae. He also has skills as a music producer, mastering two tracks on the album including lead single Dagger, and track 5 So Sweet.

Listen to Senth — Senth Of Her EP below.

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