Nicki Minaj Corrects Cuban Doll After the Singer Ruined Her Lyrics

Cuban shared a thirst trap where she misquoted Nicki Minaj’s lyrics from “Crocodile Teeth (Remix).”

nicki minaj and cuban doll

You never really know when Nicki Minaj will pop out but when she does, there’s a statement to be made. For instance, just last week she pulled out the pink Crocs and matching iced out Richard Mille watch just to let fans know that she has new music on the way. It turned the Internet upside down and apparently, crashing the Crocs site from an influx of demand.

cuban doll

Fellow American singer, Cuban Doll flubbed the lyrics to Nicki’s verse on Skilibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth (Remix),” prompting the Young Money rapper to publicly correct her. Unfortunately for Cuban Doll, she received a message from the rap goddess herself via the comments section of her photo which led to the embarrassment.

Cuban shared a thirst trap where she misquoted Nicki Minaj’s lyrics from “Crocodile Teeth (Remix),” Nicki slid in the comments and simply typed out the actual lyrics to the song, humiliating Cuban Doll in the process.

“I’m so embarrassed,” admitted Cuban Doll in her IG Story after the exchange.

While everyone had their laughs, Nicki clarified that she has a lot of love for the Ochee Walla singer and that she had no intention to embarrass her.

“I hope y’all know I love Cuban. I was havin fun w her. I don’t try 2 embarrass ppl I fuk wit. That’s corny,” Nicki wrote on her IG Story. “I’ll never correct a lyric ever again chile. Boom.”

Clearly, it’s all love but does this mean Cuban Doll will be securing a verse from Nicki down the line? Peep Nicki’s comments below.

nicki cuban

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